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Agazi School Alumni Association (North America) is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose objective is to help Agazi High School in Adigrat, Tigray, Ethiopia. As we address the main needs of Agazi, our support will expand to include other schools around Agazi.

Our main office is located in Denver, Colorado, USA. Currently, we have chapters with elected officers in Washington, DC and Denver, CO. Re-organized in 1996 in North America, the Association was originally established in Adigrat in the late 1960's and has been helping students until it was discontinued in the early 80's due to political conditions in Ethiopia.

Agazi School Alumni Association - N.A. 20th Anniversary Celebration

Agazi Alumni 20th Anniversary Celebration in Denver on July 4, 2015

Agazi over the years
Agazi celebration over the years

Agazi School Alumni Association North America (ASAA-NA), 19th Annual Fundraising

The 19th ASAA-NA annual gathering, hosted by the DC chapter, was held July 5, 2014 in Washington DC. This year’s meeting was a special one because it was an election year and many members from across the USA came to attend.

The out going board and auditors presented a summary of performance and financial report of the last three years. This was followed by a very cordial discussion on a wide range of issues related to the organization. Finally the members elected new board members and auditors which will serve the alumni for the next three years.

At the fund-raising evening, hundreds of former agazians and supporters got together for an evening of music, dance, food, socialization and fundraising. The fund-raising evening started with few welcoming words from the hosting committee and a brief remark by Kahsay Abraha, the outgoing chairman of the board. This was followed by a lovely and colorful traditional dinner accompanied with Tihlo, Meis and music. Wedi Kokeb, Yayne, Tirhas and Haftom did an excellent job captivating the audience all night long.

We acknowledge and appreciate the contribution of our members and supporters in the Washington D.C. area. Thank you for hosting a very successful fund-raising and election event on July 5 and a picnic on July 6. Many of you contributed your time, money, and energy in organizing, preparing and donating food, drinks, hall decoration, transportation, and guest accommodations. Special thanks to the hosting committee, all this would not have been possible without your hard work and leadership. We also would like to thank all the members and friends who made financial contributions either in cash or in pledge; your contributions will continue to make a big difference in the lives of many students back home. Last but not least, we would like to say thank you for all the leaders of this organization that came before us for their service, support and dedication to Agazi.

Blen Berhane, one of our young Agazi alumni leaders made a power point presentation inviting the young to join and actively participate in Agazi alumni association. She eloquently explained what Agazi alumni means to her. First it means giving back to Agazi high school to help students succeed in school, second it means maintaining cultural connection and third it means networking with friends and professionals. This is also the mission of ASAA-NA; to support Agazi high School to improve quality of education so that the students can free themselves and our country from poverty, to keep our children connected to their cultural heritage, and to work in collaboration with other local Agazi alumni chapters for the same goal. We encourage all youngsters to answer Blen Berhane’s call and join the Agazi youth Association in North America. We would like to thank Blen for being a role model for the young generation.

The new board would like to thank our dedicated members for giving us the opportunity to serve this great organization at a historic moment. With your active participation and support, we promise you, we will do everything we can to continue to build a culture of philanthropy, friendship, loyalty and respect among the alumni members so that members and supporters continue to contribute their time, knowledge and financial resources to ASAA-NA.

Next year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of ASAA-NA. In the last 20 years, ASAA-NA has made a valuable contribution to improve the quality of education by providing material and financial support to Agazi and others schools, students and teachers around Adigrat. We will celebrate our 20th anniversary in a very special way with a new focus and determination so members and supporters get ready for it!


Agazi Secondary School Multi-sport Field

The multi-sport field construction is now completed and ready for use for the new academic year. The field constructed in Agazi Secondary School compound is believed to facilitate the sport activities of the school community.

The total cost of the construction (including the steel structures) is birr 790,590.55. Birr 450,000 was obtained from an Irish organization (lobbed by Addis Ababa chapter) called playing for life and the remaining balance (Birr 344,590.55) was covered by the City Council. This was an excellent first time Alumni-City Council partnership in a project. We want this type of participation to continue.

Please click Agazi Secondary School Multi-sport Field to see the photos.

To read the full interview of the ASAA Adigrat chairman published on Meskel magazine in 2007 E.C., please click ASAA Adigrat Chairman interview with the Meskel megazine.

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