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Agazi School Alumni Association is believed to be one of the oldest Alumni Associations in Ethiopia. Initially ASAA was informally founded in 1963 by a few concerned former students of Agazi Elementary and Agazi Comprehensive Secondary Schools. In 1964 E.C. the Association became legally operational as per Article 404 of the Ethiopian Civil Code.

During its formative ages, the Association had the objective of providing material and financial assistance to bridge the gap in educational materials (teaching aids, reference books, textbooks, library shelves, classroom desks, tables, chairs, etc) that existed in Agazi School. Later on, with the support obtained from a growing number of new members residing in different parts of Ethiopia and abroad, the scope of its assistance was extended to other various community development endeavours. These include its participation in literacy campaign through which about 20,000 people are believed to have benefited.

However, the Association could not move forward with its development agenda, because its core leaders, important members and supporters became victims of the unjust detention, intimidationsand killings by the Dergue regime that took the political power of the Country in 1966 E.C. As a result, the movement of the Association was totally halted in 1969 E.C. Even then, the good intentions of the Association remained in the minds of “Agazians” residing in the Country and abroad; that they were always motivated to recommence the Association’s goals and objectives. Thus, following the advent of EPRDF and introduction of a favourable political system in the Country, members of the Association decided to take their predecessors’ development agenda and brought the Association back to life. Consequently, in 1993 E.C.Agazi School Alumni Association became a Local Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) registered by the Justice Bureau of the National Regional State of Tigray. This situation provided the Association and its second generation members as well as its supporters with an opportunity to move forward to contribute their part to the on-going development endeavours of their country.

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