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The main objective of Agazi School Alumni Association (ASAA) is to improve the quality of education at Agazi High School by encouraging students and teachers through awards and supply of materials for the school. Membership is open to any one who is an alumni of Agazi, or other concerned individuals or organizations who support the objectives of the Association without regard to race, religious belief, sex, national or ethnic origin.

Agazi School Alumni Association relies on the generosity of Alumni members, non-members and friends of Agazi Alumni for the financing of its mission to maintain the quality of education in Agazi School. We (Agazi Alumni members) are deeply grateful to you for your donation. This donation will make a profound difference and a lifetime opportunity to both present and future students at the school.

Agazi School Alumni Association is currently using donations to help cover the costs of school building maintenance, materials and improvement to classrooms. Your donation will help ensure that future generations can enjoy a positive learning and teaching environment in the school.Please support the school and its students by giving according to your means. Your donation is tax deductible.

To make a donation, please click on the Donate button below for safer, secure and easier way to donate online.

Alternatively, a personal check is accepted. Please make your payment to Agazi School Alumni Association North America and mail it to:

Agazi School Alumni Association North America
P.O.Box 200115
Denver, CO 80220-0115

Thank you for your generosity.

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